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Here at Hartl's Bow Shop, our number one priority is serving our customers with the best and most needed services. We carry rentals ranging from fractional instruments to cellos of many sizes. If you are interested in renting an instrument, please contact us.
In order to rent, you must complete the rental contract (two references and a major credit card are required), sign it, and return it to our shop. Upon receipt of your rental contract and credit approval, your order will be processed and your instrument will be available for pick-up or shipped to you. You must be 21 or older to rent an instrument. (more info on contract)

The first six months' rent can be applied towards the purchase of the rental instrument or any other instrument in our shop not on consignment. Our inventory includes violins, violas, and cellos in many price ranges, student to professional. Our inventory is growing and always changing. Student violin and violas range from $495 to $775. Student cello prices range from $1,250 to $1,750.

While we do not buy back instruments, any instrument purchased from us may be traded back for an instrument of larger size or higher quality. Simply return the instrument and bow in the same condition which you received it, and we will credit full trade-in value towards the purchase of another instrument.

To terminate your rental contract, simply return your instrument to Hartl's Bow Shop along with your final payment (if applicable). Upon receipt of the undamaged instrument and payment in full, we will cancel your agreement. If the instrument is damaged, you will pay for the total cost of the repairs.
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