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Bow Maker - Ernie Hartl
113 S 9th Avenue

Walla Walla, WA. 99362
Tel: 509-540-6698  |

My shop is located at 113 S 9th Avenue. on the northeast corner of 9th and Poplar Please call or text for appointment.

Shipping your bows

Please contact me by phone or e-mail before sending any bows for repair work.

If you are shipping to me, please ship via FED EX and prepay shipping charges both ways.

Many low-end bows are very hard to work on: they often require extra time, and the results unsatisfying to the player.
To protect myself, I can't agree to do this work unless you give me sufficient info about the bows by email, or call me at the shop. Please don't send any bows for repair without talking with me first.

There is a nice article in the The Strad January, 2008 Issue "Packing Bows For Transportation".

Steps listed:

  1. Make sure hair is loose. If the hair does not loosen completely then it must be rehaired so just cut off the hair 2" from the frog and tip.

  2. Place the bow in a strong plastic bag.

  3. Purchase a PVC tube 4" longer than your bows along with two caps. Make sure the PVC diameter is large
    enough to hold your bow(s) with extra room for packing.

  4. Glue Cap on one end of tube and mark the other end "Open this end"

  5. Cut a small block of foam (the same material used in sofa cushion) this can be found in fabric stores and
    place it in the bottom of the tube.

  6. To provide extra security wrap each end of your bow with bubble wrap and place it in the tube. If you packing
    more than one bow please wrap separately.

  7. Place another chunk of foam in the tube before putting on your cap. Use soap or wax around cap to make it easy to open

  8. Place tube in a triangular Fed ex box "this prevents it from rolling off into the street if dropped".

  9. Pack box around tube with bubble wrap then seal it up.

If your shipping your bow for a rehair you can expect to have it back with in 3-5 business days. If there are specific repairs needing to be done it may require more time. Please remember to contact me before sending your bow.

Customer service:

Customer service is my priority. I guarantee all my work

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