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Welcome to Hartl's Bow Shop web site! 
I began making violins in 2000 as a hobby.  My grandfather was my inspiration as he began making violins in the late 70's under the instruction of  Luthier Del Brock.  As time passed I became more intrigued with the art of violin making. Over the years I have hand crafted several violins and made minor restorations for people that played instruments in the stringed family. One thing I was unable to do was provide service for the bows. As my hobby turned into a business it became important for me to provide the best services possible and to do that I have attended Bow Making classes and Restoration & Rehairing classes for Classic and Baroque bows.  After being classically trained in the art of bow making and restoration I have focused all my attention to this field to strive for perfection.

Hartl's Bow Shop is owned and operated by my self
(Ernie Hartl). Your bows will be taken care of with the
utmost respect. This is a full service bow shop and I work by appointment only to provide my customers with the attention and respect they deserve.

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