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Hartl's Bow Shop


Hand Made Violin, Viola & Cello Bows.

Baroque and Classic


I have been hand making bows since 2010 and I work hard to perfect my skills. I know finding a great bow that pairs well with your violin, viola or cello (classic or baroque) at a fair price is no easy matter. Whatever your budget,  I am sure I can help. Professional string players and amateurs alike come to me because they want a bow that not only pairs well with their instrument but also has a weight and balance that pleases them. The internet has permeated every aspect of our lives, and now nearly every bow shop has a website. I give relevant information about the bows I have for sale (weight, balance, overall length and materials used) to help you choose a bow that best fits your needs and budget. The bows that bare my name are made by my self including frogs and buttons. So I hope my web site offers easy navigation, useful photos that expand easily, and I try to update as new bows are made.

I offer a 14 day trial period, I guarantee my craftsmanship, I provide certificates , and I will disclose all condition issues.

Above all, I respect my customers.

If this sounds like the kind of bow maker you would like to deal with, just pick up the phone or send me an email.

Welcome to Hartl's Bow Shop! 
I have hand made bows and many instruments to go with them. Below are pictures of just a few that we carry, with more on the way! We carry many different sizes from all over the world, new and old. If you don't see something your looking for, please contact us.
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